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Joined: September 9, 2007
Name: tstory23
Guild: Ewoks
Allies: Dante343, dartluther, dirtydan, gurudev, unicorn35
Enemies: gaige10
Level: 221
Set 1 Set 2
Attack: 602 303
Damage: 1590 985
Armor: 602 21
Defense: 296 2527
HP: 140 236
Auctions: My Auctions



My name is Ted and I live in Kansas. I am 25 years old and am married. My step-son, dartluther, got me into FallenSword back on September 9, 2007. Ever since then, I have blown past him on FallenSword since he doesn't get on that often. I am on Fallen Sword about once a day spending up my stamina.

Profile Statistics

Offensive Set Defensive Set
Gloves: Tarbidas Spider Gloves Gloves of Feralor
Helm: Helmet of Phoal Helmet of Khoral
Amulet: Amulet of Lezhal Amulet of Satar
Weapon: Tarbidas Spider Sword Fegmars Hammer
Armor: Tarbidas Spider Armor Armor of Briloth
Shield: Tarbidas Spider Shield Shield of Torpal
Ring: Iron Ring of Fenaz Ring of Mojak
Boots: Boots of Pelacroz Boots of Nelsa
Rune: Rune of Lezhal Rune of Ohnal


Medal Progress
Bounty Master Bronze:
Recruiting Bronze:
Loyalty Gold:
Loyalty Silver:
Loyalty Bronze:
Adventurer Silver:
Adventurer Bronze:


Category Points Name Image
Offense 120 (+25) Rage 0_sm.gif
Defense 10 (+25) Absorb 13_sm.gif
Defense 120 (+25) Enchanted Armor 9_sm.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Find Item 16_sm.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Treasure Hunter 17_sm.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Adept Learner 19_sm.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Librarian 20_sm.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Merchant 21_sm.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Animal Magnetism 24_sm.gif
Specials 120 (+25) Doubler 26_sm.gif


Ale for All! quest_complete.gif Forging Relations quest_complete.gif The Ascended quest_complete.gif Venomous Thoughts quest_complete.gif
Angry Natives quest_complete.gif Gathering Harvest quest_complete.gif The Battle for Narkort quest_complete.gif Wrap Up Warm quest_complete.gif
Anvil Reign quest_complete.gif Gnome Idol quest_complete.gif The Burning Abyss quest_incomplete.gif Zombie Treasure quest_incomplete.gif
Ashes to Ashes quest_complete.gif Hidden Rage quest_complete.gif The Burnt Hut quest_complete.gif
Balloon Trouble quest_complete.gif Mystery Ruins quest_complete.gif The Chase quest_complete.gif
Blazen Hallows quest_incomplete.gif Nomad Retribution quest_complete.gif The Dekma Orchid quest_complete.gif
Blood Attack quest_complete.gif Rabid Yari's! quest_complete.gif The Demon Bone quest_complete.gif
Boar Blackmail quest_complete.gif Rat Slayer quest_complete.gif The Drying Pool quest_complete.gif
Chasing Shadows quest_complete.gif Runaway Slaves quest_complete.gif The Ethereal Tavern quest_complete.gif
Cleanse The Caves quest_incomplete.gif Sacred Shell quest_complete.gif The Lost Child quest_complete.gif
Crab Hole quest_complete.gif Sand Curse quest_complete.gif The Missing Egg quest_complete.gif
Darmov's Fall quest_complete.gif Serpent Breakout quest_complete.gif The Old Man quest_complete.gif
Dream Elnorphant quest_complete.gif Slother Extermination quest_incomplete.gif The Price of Skulls quest_complete.gif
Dreg March quest_complete.gif Stolen Meat quest_complete.gif The Rebel Riders quest_complete.gif
Dwarf Ice quest_incomplete.gif Stranded Patrol quest_complete.gif The Sacred Knife quest_complete.gif
Eldoras Path quest_incomplete.gif Survival Instincts quest_complete.gif The Wights Tomb quest_complete.gif
Eternal Chant quest_complete.gif Swarmed Garrison quest_complete.gif Tomb Seeker quest_complete.gif
Failed Task quest_complete.gif Taking Arms quest_complete.gif Tortured Spirits Tome quest_incomplete.gif
Fire Glory quest_complete.gif Tassodans Lost Rune quest_complete.gif Town Guard quest_incomplete.gif
Forged Blade quest_complete.gif The Ant Queen quest_complete.gif Treasure Hunt quest_incomplete.gif

Wiki Contributions

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