Boar Blackmail

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206 Maedos (North) (13,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Boar Leg from Maedos Boar
  3. Return to Start


  • 12,000 gold_button.gif
  • 139,360 XP

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As you move though the forest you are ambushed by a group of young Elves. As you take up arms to fight they tell you that they have been sent by the elders of the hidden Elf village to collect some sacred Maedos Boar meat. They explain that you should not be here in the forest as it is off limits to outsiders but they will not tell the Elders that you are here if you do their task for them. It appears you have no choice but to accept!

You reluctantly decide to do their task for them. They tell you that only the best meat will do and that you must meet them back at this spot once you have fount the best Maedos Boar meat.

You return to the young Elves. Have you brought them the Maedos Boar meat?

The Elves are delighted with the cut of meat and that you honourably came back and didn’t just run away so they give you some gold. They promise to not tell the Elders that you are in the forest either before they disappear into the forest again. You gain 12,000 gold & 139,360 xp.