Dreg March

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15 Dreg Swamp (7,14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Dreg Swamp (20,21)
  3. Return to Start


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You encounter a small camp. Several of the guards appear disorganized as they guard the camp gates. "Our men need food supplies, and quickly. We have gone without food for nearly a week now. I am unsure as to how much longer we can survive without food... Can you retrieve us some supplies from our camp in the South East"

"Thank you, and good luck!"

You arrive at the outpost. You are approached by one of the guards. "What is your business here?"

You explain why you have come. The guard allows you access to the towns stores where you collect the necessary supplies. You gain 1 x Camp Supplies.

You arrive back at the camp. You are approached by the camp's captain. "Did you manage to recover the food supplies!?"

"Thank you! We greatly appreciate this, and would like to offer you a sword we recovered from a Greenskin scouting party we attacked earlier." You gain 1 x Orc Slathe Blade and 1,000 xp and 300gold.