Eternal Chant

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5 Varas Dungeon (6,1) [none]



  1. Kill 40 Succubus
  2. Go to Varas Dungeon (6,1)


  • 800 XP
  • 1,000 0.png

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Steeped in the never ending darkness of the dungeons, you hear a faint sound echoing from afar. The sound is unlike anything you have heard from around here. It is almost akin to chanting of some sort.

Following the sound leads you to an old man wearing tattered robes, who is kneeling on the ground. He seems to be in a trance; chanting undecipherable words in a low voice. You put your hand on his shoulder to get his attention. 'What is this, who are you?' He stammers. 'You have done me a grave injustice by interrupting my incantation! I have been here for longer than I can remember, trying to subdue the power of the Succubus demons. By breaking my chant you may have given them a chance to build their power and summon their master! Please, you must kill as many of the Succubus demons for me as you can. This may stay the coming of their terrible master.'

'Have you killed enough Succubus demons in order to lower their powers?'

'Good, now go and leave me be. I must remain and continue my eternal destiny here. The world would never be able to suffer the horrors of the Succubus Master if I denied my ancient duty!' You gain 800 XP and 1000 gold.