Eldoras Path

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48 Altar Forest (North) (5,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 35 Ravagers in Death Gorge (West, South, East)
  3. Return to Start


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You encounter a frontier Dwarven patrol clustered around a small camp fire…

You approach the Dwarven warriors. Piercing slate grey eyes snap in your direction – a stout Dwarven warrior levels a short, but heavy golden axe towards your chest. You imagine the stocky warrior must have had incredible strength to wield such a hefty weapon. He speaks with a deep, gravelly voice. I am Eldora. What is your name, and what brings you to this barren region?

You explain the reason for your travels to these lands. I see... I see… well, these regions are dangerous for the untrained warrior. Perhaps you could prove yourself, and in return, I shall reward you with a special item. Do you accept?

The Dwarven warrior laughs mockingly. Excellent! Hellish creatures have recently begun attacking our frontier, unfortunately our frontier guard are beginning to strain under the sustained atacks. We need someone to help fight off these hellish Ravagers, providing your mortal soul can withstand the terrors which face you! Hahaha…

Return once you have slain 35 Ravagers...

My scouts tell me the Ravager threat has subsided! Excellent work! Here is your reward... The burly Dwarf warrior hands you an Asyun Cross Shield before the Dwarven group sets off on their continuing patrol of the borders. You gain 8,799xp.