Treasure Hunt

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196 Narkort (North) (2,14) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Narkort (South) (5,12) [lvl 197 needed]
  3. Kill 25 Narkort Moose
  4. Go to Narkort (North) (11,2)


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You are approached by a small, frail looking man. "Hello there stranger, have you heard about the lost Arkan treasures? I'll tell you more, for a price... 12,000 gold."

"The Arkan Treasure is an ancient treasure that was lost during the Orc Hessian campaigns. Here, take this. I have been unable to fathom the code. The old man passes you a small tablet, upon it is the following code: "notorst raukh - wele ftveiv".

You discover the location the code on the stone tablet indicated; a large cave partially camouflaged by low-lying branches.

You decide to investigate the cave. You enter, and after several minutes of searching you uncover nothing but a small chest. Opening the chest you discover a second tablet, this one features the following code; "hatrorn torkn - wleove, tne"

You arrive at the location indicated by the second tablet; Another cave, however this cave is guarded by several Narkort Moose. You will need to fend off several of the Narkort Moose before you are able to access the cave.

You enter the morbid, damp cave. A large chest sits at the far end of the cave. You open the chest and rummage through the content before pocketing the gold and a small trinket; a rune. You gain 137,593 XP, 18,000 Gold and 1 x Rune of Jableh.