Balloon Trouble

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174 Gumbrel (North) (10,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Gumbrel (North) (6,15)
  3. Return to Start


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You come across an injured man standing next to a burst hot air balloon. When asked what happened he tells you that he only just survived an attack by a Roc while flying his balloon. He needs your help because he is stranded on this island until he can get material to repair the balloon and he is injured and can’t go himself. Will you help him?

The man tells you that as he was flying over the island he saw what looked like a textile trader to the south west of the island and suggests you go there for him.

You eventually come across the textile trader. After a chat he tells you that he has the best balloon repair material with him and he’s willing to sell it to you for a price... after haggling for a while he comes up with his final price for the material, 150,000 gold. Will you pay?

You buy the material and bundle it up and head back to the injured man and his balloon. You gain 1x Balloon Material.

You return to the injured balloonist. Will you give him the material?

The balloonist is extremely happy that you went all this way to help him. The balloonist explains he cannot re-pay you as he has no money but instead gives you a reward from his bag. You gain 1 x Cleaver of Alzarn and 108,368 xp.