Rabid Yari's!

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171 Pelrei (North) (15,6) [none]



  1. Go to Pelrei (North) (7,17)
  2. Kill 30 Yari
  3. Go to Pelrei (North) (7,17)
  4. Go to Pelrei (North) (15,6)
  5. Obtain Chiefs Lost Son
  6. Go to Pelrei (North) (7,17)


  • 113,374 XP
  • 6,000 gold_button.gif

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You come across a small local boy who runs up to you. He tells you that his village near buy is under attack from a pack of rabid Yari's. Will you help the Boys village?

You tell the boy that you will go help the village and to wait for you to return for him. You head off to find the village...

In the distance you see what must be the under attack village. There are men and Rabid Yari fighting all around the village. It is a scene of utter chaos. Will you go and help the village men?

You rush in and quickly join the battle. The locals call out their joy of having more support for the fight. The local chief fights his way to you and explains that there are around 30 more Yari that need taken care off and if you do this you will be rewarded.

You return to the Village. The chief asks if you have killed the Yari? And you reply that you have, but the chief refuses to hand over your reward as he requires one more favour from you first, and that is to find his missing son who disappeared during the attack. Will you find him?

You agree to his terms, however luckily you know where the chief's son is! You head of quickly to fetch the boy.

You come back to where you left the boy. He is still where you left him and he is sleeping. You wake him and tell him its time to go home.

You put the boy on your shoulders and carry him back towards the village and to your reward...You gain Chiefs lost son.

You have returned to the village with the boy. The chief comes out glad to see his son safe and back home. Will you hand the boy over?

The chief is overjoyed at the speed in which you found his son and he keeps his promise of rewarding you well. You gain 6,000 gold and 113,374 xp.