Dwarf Ice

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204 Daradom (Caves) (12,12) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Daradom (Caves) (7,2)
  3. Obtain Dwarf Ice Crystal from Lava Raptor (Champion)
  4. Return to Start


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You come across a Dwarf mining village. The Dwarfs come out to greet you and explain they have a dilemma. They were attacked recently and have lost a magical Ice Crystal that is responsible for giving the dwarfs precious cool water in such a harsh climate. Will you find the lost crystal for them?

You tell the Dwarfs you will help them and head off in search of the crystal.

You come across a white glinting crystal that looks out of place in the volcanic terrain. Will you pick up the white crystal?

You pick up the crystal and it is freezing cold. This must be the Ice Crystal. Just as you turn to head back to the mining village a creature bashes into you and you loose grip of the crystal. The creature was a powerful Lava Raptor and it grabs the crystal and runs away with it back to its pack. You must retrieve the Ice Crystal from the lead Lava Raptor before heading back to the Dwarfs.

You return to the mining village. The Dwarfs eagerly ask you if you have the Ice Crystal?

You do and you give one of the Dwarfs the Crystal. As payment the Dwarfs reward you with one of their finest weapons. You gain 1x Axe of Volcanis & 136,660 xp.