The Drying Pool

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191 Crombe Moors (South) (11,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Crombe Moors (South) (3,12)
  3. Return to Start


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You come across a muddy hole and to your surprise there is a tiny blue fairy-like creature sat in it. The creature sees you and asks for your help. Will you help the strange creature?

You agree to help out the palm-sized being. It tells you it’s a sprite and that it is bound to its pool, but the pool is drying out and without water it will die. It cannot leave the pool as it is too weak. You will need to go fetch water from other pools to refill the sprite's one.

Finally you come across another pool with enough water in it to refill the sprites pool. There is a broken barrel next to the pool but it looks like it will still hold water in it. Will you take the barrel and fill it with water?

You fill up the barrel and head back to the sprite's pool. You gain 1x Broken Barrel.

You arrive at the muddy hole. The Little sprite is still sat in it and looks happy to see you again. Will you pour the water into the pool?

You pour the water in and the once muddy hole becomes a pool again. The sprite thanks you by giving you a special gift before disappearing under the water. You gain 1x Rune of Crombol.