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3 Elven Halls (6,5) [none]



  1. Obtain Snow Leopard Skin
  2. Go to Elven Halls (6,5)


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The ruins are cold, but still have a majestic air too them. You explore deeper into the bowels of the Eleven Halls then hear a groan.

A man dressed in leather is laying on the mosaic floor, blood trickling from fresh gashes on his leg, 'Please help me, I can patch up these wounds but I will not be able to get the skin I need. Without them I will not be able to afford food and my family will go hungry for many days. Please get me a Snow Leopard Skin, you will find Snow Leopards within these halls.'

You return to find the tracker with a rough bandage around his knee. 'Did you get the Snow Leopard Skin?'

He struggles to his feet and gladly receives the precious skin. 'Thank you warrior, while I was here I found this old Rune, maybe you could find it useful. May your blades strike true.' With a grateful wave of his hand he hobbles out of the ancient ruins.' You gain 140 xp + 1 x Symbolic Elvish Rune and 300 gold.