Stranded Patrol

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156 Khorl (South) (3,11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Khorl (South) (15,8)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Captains Amulet from Ashen Brute
  5. Return to Start


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You encounter a small human military outpost. One of the soldiers approaches you, the medals and bright trimmings adorning his clothes indicate the soldier must be one of the commanders. "We need someone to look for one of our patrols that got lost a few days back. We've not heard anything from them." Will you help them?

"Great!" The soldier blurts out. "The convoy of soldiers we dispatched were suppose to patrol a region of forest to the east of us. Your best bet in finding them would be to look there... Good luck!"

You encounter the patrol... or rather the remains of it. It is evident that they were attacked by a band of savage creatures, from the horrendous slashes across the bodies of the soldiers.

You search through the corpses and discover a small scroll. You take the scroll. You will now need to return to the outpost and report your findings. You gain 1x Khorl Scroll.

You return to the camp. The human commander approaches you... "Did you find the patrol?... where are they?"

You explain the patrol was attacked by savage creatures. "What!? My god... My son was in that patrol! Did you manage to find an amulet that belonged to my son? I'm sure the creature stole it... Please, recover the amulet and bring it back to me." You must go kill the ashen brute that has taken the amulet.

You arrive back at the outpost, and are met by the camp's Commander. "Did you manage to recover my son's Amulet?!"

"Thank you so much! Now we can give him a proper burial ceremony... Here, take this for your time, and thank you again for all your help!" You gain 1 x Khorl Honour Medal and 79,795 EXP.