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Welcome to the Helping Out page of the Fallen Sword Wiki!

This is the place to find out what is happening on the wiki.
Learn what pages need to be made, what tasks need to be done, and discuss anything pertaining to the wiki.

Our many contributors have already made 27,689 pages, 161,812 edits, and uploaded 1,685 images, but there is plenty more that YOU can do!

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  • Please view this page, regarding multiple edits.
  • We need people to work on finding the XP of each creature...[more]
  1. Identify all the Item Images so we know exactly what items we do and do not have pages for.
  2. Identify/add all the Creature Images.
  3. Rearrange all the quests on the Quest Guide pages so they start out by level instead of by name.

When making a new page, be sure to use one of the pre-made layouts:
Areas Components Creatures Enhancements Guild Structures Items Item Sets Level X Content Level x Items and Creatures Potions Quests Quest Items Recipes Resources Shops Skills

There are also many templates for you to use in your pages. You can find these in Category:Templates.

Please post your wiki news here.
  • With the permission/request to the Sysop(s), The Fallensword Editors are in the progress of making Item Images Pages 6000-6099 to 6900-6999. Continue the good work Editors!
  • A Guild namespace has now been added to the wiki and player guild pages will be moved there. Also, keep in mind that player pages need to remain in the User namespace.
  • Congrats to all contributors of FSwiki; we have over 1 million page views on the Main Page alone!
Please post links to your discussions here.
  • These pages have been marked for deletion. If you feel one of these should not be deleted, please discuss it on that page's talk page.
  • I've been looking through this page and I see a lot of pages that are listed higher up with a bit of unneeded information/text. [more]
  • I've been noticing a lot of information that is seemingly coming out of nowhere. Remember, information found on the wiki is information that players experience during the game; I only suspect that a lot of this information is coming from FSG. I hope that this does not continue, we don't need to copy our information; as we level, we will have more information on the higher levels.