The Burning Abyss

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32 Burning Abyss (Level 1) (7,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Burning Abyss (Hellions Lair)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Obtain Burning Soul Gem Recipe
  5. Go to Burning Abyss (Hellions Lair)
  6. Invent Burning Soul Gem
  7. Go to Burning Abyss (Hellions Lair) (3,3)


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In the sand you find a mortally wounded warrior, 'Pssst..... Please listen to me........ Beware......'

The Warrior can hardly speak through the pain of his injuries, 'Beyond lies the Hellions lair! Everyone who has entered has never returned...... It is rumored the Hellion has a fierce tie to this world and hence has many lives..... So it will not be easy to defeat him. But if you can brave the depths and slay this demon you will be greatly rewarded. Return to me once the Burning Hellion (Elite) is slain for the first time.

The Warrior reaches for you, 'Have you Slain the Burning Hellion (Elite)....?'

He nods slowly, 'Weak..... what's that you say.... he is defeated?.... Good, but he is not so easily bested. I killed one of those Imps which is why I got in this state in the first place, I took this Burning Soul Gem Recipe from the corpse. I think the Imps summon their foul master when he dies at the Burning Pillar just southwest of here (The Pillar is in the Hellions Lair (3,3)). Make the Burning Soul Gem then take it to the the Pillar, I think it can only be destroyed there. Shatter the Gem and avenge my death.'

You receive 1 x Burning Soul Gem Recipe

After walking through the intense heat of the Abyss you eventually find a tall pillar sacred with dark runes. At its base you find black shards of glass.

As you raise the Burning Soul Gem above you head, the runes of the Pillar begin to pulse with light the color of blood. From behind you, you hear a cry of another Imp as it bears down upon you. You throw the Soul Gem at the Burning Pillar where it shatters, thick dark blood oozes from the runes. The Imp is immediately reduced to a cloud of ash in a short cry of pain and disbelief.

As brush the ash off your shoulders, you see a glint of gold amongst the shattered glass. You reach down and pick up a ring.

You receive 5,954 xp + Burning Ring of Doom +250 Gold