Survival Instincts

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164 Emerye (West) (4,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Find the supply line at Emerye (West) (7,14)
  3. Kill 30 Waste Stalkers
  4. Return to Emerye (West) (7,14)
  5. Go to Emerye (West) (13,5) for reward


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You stumble across a small group of soldiers, their armor gleaming in the moon light. The leaders approaches you."Are you here to help, or get in our way?"

"Good. We've had reports that several Waste Stalkers have begun converging on our southern patrols. I need you to travel there and help kill 20 Waste Stalkers, this will secure our supply lines running along the southern area of this region. Good luck!"The Captain, along with the other soldiers, resume their patrol route.

You arrive at the southern supply line the patrol's Captain mentioned. The path is quiet, save the howling wind and the faint eerie groaning sounds of distant creatures as they stalk the landscape. You are startled by something moving along the tops of the rocks. Adrenaline begins to pump its way through your body as the noise intensifies. Catching a glimpse of movement at the corner of your eye, the creature swings an archaic looking weapon down upon you, but you meet it with the blade of your own weapon...

It’s an ambush! You must fight them off, and kill the 30 Waste Stalker creatures. You must kill all of the creatures before you are able to proceed.

You successfully fend off the ambush, and in doing so secure the supply line. You must now locate the patrol and inform the Captain that the southern supply line is now secure from attack. You encounter a patrol consisting of several soldiers, and the same Captain you met earlier.

You explain that you have secured the southern supply lines. "Excellent! Here, take this as a token of my appreciation."You gain 1 x Luma Boots and 96236 XP.