The Old Man

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15 Dreg Swamp (7,15) [none]



  1. Go to Dreg Swamp (20,3)
  2. Return to Start


  • 3,000 XP
  • 1,500 0.png

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As you walk through the town you come across a filthy looking old man sat aside a small hut. Come 'ere youngling! He calls out to you. In your curiosity you make your way to the old man to find out what he wants. The old man tells you of a magic red root that he needs for a potion but it only grows in a certain area of the swamp and in his old age it is far to dangerous for himself to go to the area. Will you go find it for him?

You have accepted. "You will be greatly rewarded for your efforts I assure you." the old man calls out as you go.

As you search the swamp you see what must be the magic red root. Will you take it?

You have taken the red root. Now you must return to the old mans hut. You gain the Red Root.

"Fantastic!" You’ve made it back! The old filthy man cries out to you as you approach his hut. I hope you have the red root as it is much needed! Will you give him the red root?

"Excellent! You have the root!" The old man turns to his bubbling potion and drops in the root. "You will get your reward in a jiffy!" Explains the old man as he sips on the potion BANG! After the smoke clears the old man is gone. In his place stands a majestic wizard. "Thank you. I was imprisoned by evil magic in the body of a frail man for so long! Here is your reward!" The wizard gives you the reward then disappears with another BANG! You gain 1,500 Gold and 3,000 xp.