Mystery Ruins

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182 - 184 Brale (East) (15,7) Min Level to Complete : 184



  1. Go to Brale (West) (8,8) (Min Level 183)
  2. Kill 6 Desolator
  3. Go to Brale (West) (8,8)
  4. Go to Brale (West) (14,13)
  5. Go to Brale (West) (8,8) (Min Level 184)


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You stop off a local Tavern for refreshment. You listen in to some of the locals as they chat and hear about an ancient ruin located in the west off Brale. They tell of a fabulous treasure to be found there but also of terrible danger lurking in the swamps.Will you go find this treasure in the ruins?

You finish your drink and quietly exit the tavern to go find the ruins in Brale West...

You have found the mysterious ruins of western Brale. As you search through the ruins you come across what appears to be writing carved into the wall. but just before you get a chance to read it your ambushed by several reptilian Desolators. Will you fight these beasts?

You decide to fight the Desolators in order to come back when the job is done and find out what the ancient text says. You must kill the six Desolators who ambushed you.

You have returned after killing your ambushers. will you read the text scrawled upon the ruin?

The text is written in an old form of Elvish but luckily you can make it out most of the writing. The text reads " in the the outer tow*r lies the key of *** to be brought back here ** open the vault of p**er to unleas*..." the text ends here. You must find the key and return here with it.

You have found what was once a tower but is now in ruin, like all buildings here in western Brale. Will you investigate the ruin?

You search the ruin and eventually come across an old box full of swamp water. After tipping it out and brushing the odd frog away you come across what you were looking for, a key! You gain 1x Ruins Vault Key.

You return to the ruins and start searching for the vault by turning over boulders and cutting through the over growth. Eventually you find a door with just a keyhole in it. Do you dare open the door with your key? (You must be at least level 184 to finish this quest.)

You open the door with the key. It opens with a loud creak. Inside the vault bones of beasts litter the floor and in the middle is the treasure, an unblemished sword glinting in the suns light that hasn’t touched it in millennia. You gain 1x Sword of Brale and 121,220 XP.