The Ant Queen

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221 Miyal (South) (3,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Miyal (South) (4,12)
    • Burn Ant Hill
  3. Kill 250 Flesh Eating Ant Swarms
  4. Return to Start


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Deep in the jungle you come across an ancient temple that is possibly a fire god's temple. Suddenly a being of fire walks from the central fire and asks for your help. The being explains that it's the fire god's messenger and that the island is in great peril and within days will be overrun and destroyed by great swarms of Flesh Eating Ants. The fire god has chosen you to stop the ants. Will you accept?

The being tells you that the only way to stop this from happening is to destroy the ant queen’s hill by burning it and the queen down. He gives you a Burning torch and tells you that the queen resides nearby and to return when you have completed the task. You gain 1 x Fire Gods Torch.

You have found the Ant Queen's hill. You set it ablaze with the Fire Gods Torch ending the threat to the island. Unfortunately the burning down of the Ant Queen's hill has released several swarms of angry survivors that now need to be squashed. Will you get rid of the angry swarms?

You will need to kill off all 250 angry Flesh Eating Ant swarms before you can return to the fire god’s temple.

You have returned to the fire god's temple. Have you killed the Flesh Eating Ant Swarms?

The fire being returns to greet you. He tells you that the god he serves is most pleased that you have saved the island and is giving you a great gift for completing the task. You gain 1x The Fire Glaive and 262,549 xp.