Hidden Rage

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113 Lenzwer Forest (Depths) (2,11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Dark Seed, dropped by Lenzwer Dryads
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Lenzwer Dark Hollows (9,9)
  5. Go to Lenzwer Dark Hollows (2,13)
  6. Go to Lenzwer Dark Hollows (9,9)
  7. Go to Lenzwer Dark Hollows (11,3)
  8. Go to Lenzwer Dark Hollows (9,9)
  9. Kill 30 Lenzwer Root Monsters
  10. Go to Lenzwer Dark Hollows (9,9)
  11. Go to The Great Tree Canopy (13,2)
(Note: Must be level 114)
  1. Kill 1 Kif the Lenzwer Druid (Champion)
  2. Go to The Great Tree Canopy (13,2)
  3. Go to Sanctum of Shildorah (7,4)
(Note: Must be level 115)
  1. Kill 1 Queen Shildorah (Elite)
  2. Go to Sanctum of Shildorah (7,4)


  • 98,720 XP

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The Lenzwer Forest is bountiful and green. Plants grow in all the rich hues of natures glory. It shocks you then to find a Forest Elf walking this pleasant wood with apparent distaste.

The tall Elfs down cast face does not rise as he speaks, 'The Lenzwer Forest is boiling in anger. We do not come here normally as it's the realm of Shildorah. It is a place of reverence for us, with the natures power so evident here. But something is going awry. There is a rumor that the Dryads themselves are plotting, twisting the very forest to their own ends. This cannot be true. But we cannot raise a head to these Forest Spirits. Please can you find evidence that the Dryads are twisting the fruits of the wood?'

The Forest Elf Elder sits awaiting you return, 'Have you found evidence of the Dryads miss using Nature?'

The Elf takes the Dark Seed, 'This is a vile twisting of the very trees themselves. I don't believe it. This came form the Lenzwer Dryad! I have seen them hovering around the Lenzwer Dark Hollows. I fear something sinister is brewing there. I shall open the way for you, come lets investigate the hidden realm and find out what is really happening.'

The Dark Hollows are well named. There is a brooding malice in the air. The Forest Elf Elder looks about with fear and loathing.

The Forest Elf Elder turns to you, 'This is not how I remember it. I remember a pool to the south west. Please see how far this evil reaches.'

You walk though the Hollows. It's hard to imagine it as anything other than grim. Mist oozes over the path you tread and chills your feet. After some time the forest opens up into a small glade. In the center is a pool.

As you draw near to the pool the temperature drops rapidly. The water is dark and foreboding. Something moves beneath the surface. So you do not wish to get too close. The Forest Elf Elder will want to know about this, you should return to him.

The Forest Elf Elder greets you warmly, 'Have you found out about the pool?'

You describe the evil water and obvious corruption to the Elf, he grows more distressed as you speak, 'That pool feeds the trees of this wood. It is a spring from an underground river. It has always run clear and sweet in my memory! We must discover the source of this taint. See if you can find anything out of place in the Hollows and return if you do.

The Hollows is an evil place, but it is natural. It's true nature has been twisted into what you see. So when you find the softly glowing pillar you know you have found an important part of the puzzle for why the land is only a pale reflection of it's former splendor.

The very air around the pillar crackles with magical energy. As you look at the markings of the pillar you are horrified to find runes of the Underworld etched into it. Such a monument to evil cannot be left here. The Forest Elf Elder must be informed of this at once

The Forest Elf Elder paces uneasily for your return. 'Have you found the root of the contamination?'

You describe the pillar with the runes of the Underworld on it, along with the obvious energy that is emanating from it. When you finish, the Elder stands transfixed in horror at your news. 'An Icon of the Shroud, here in the Hollows! That would explain much. I have seen the normally placid Root Elementals been turned into ravaging Monsters. I don't know why someone would do such a thing but we cannot allow these dangerous monsters to escape. Kill 30 Lenzwer Root Monsters maybe they will have a clue to who has done this to them.

You return to the Forest Elf Elder, 'Have you killed 30 Lenzwer Root Monsters and found a clue to who has done this evil?'

The Elf takes the Mark and examines it intently. 'This is the Mark of Kif, the new advisor to the Dryad Queen herself! He would need the mark on them to keep them under his influence, that's the trouble with some magics. We must rid the Queen of this treachery. Come we shall ascend the Great Tree and confront the Druid.'

The Forest Elf Elder is talking intently to a courtier.

When you draw near he gets rid of the courtier and takes to you in hushed tones. 'Apparently Kif is a mighty Human Druid, that is why he came to the attention of the Queen in the first place. But he has been acting strangely of late. He does not seem himself. This does not bode well for us. We must kill this Druid and free the Queen from his influence.

The Forest Elf Elder whispers quietly with the courtier, when you approach they stop talking. The Elf Elder asks in a worried whisper, 'Have you rid Lenzwer of the vile influence of Kif the Lenzwer Druid (Champion)?'

The Forest Elf Elder smiles broadly, 'That's the best news I've heard in a long while. Come we must tell the Queen of why Kif had to die. She will be ignorant of his treachery. We will find her in the Sanctum of Shildorah.'

As you enter the inner court of the Queen Dryad, you are greeted by an Elf dressed in fine robes.

The Court Advisor greets the Forest Elf elder with open arms. 'Its so good to see you, we have trouble here in Lenzwer.' At this the Elder raises his hand, 'Yes, we have found the Icon of the Shroud in the Hollows and we have slain the traitor Kif. We are here to explain to the Queen our actions. At this Advisor looks visibly shocked. 'No, what have you done! Kif was a mighty Druid, the Forest loved him! He was our only hope against the Queen. It's she that has corrupted him! The Monsters in the Hollows are just a fraction of the number she has amassed. You must stop her before she releases here Army of Root Monsters on the region.'

The Advisor is talking to the Forest Elf Elder. As you approach they fall silent, 'Have you slain Queen Shildorah (Elite)?'

The Court Advisor bows his head, 'I have no idea what happened to the Queen. She seemed to grow distant from the Forest and started to talk to outsiders more. She raged against the 'tiny domain' she ruled. She wanted to expand here borders. It was she who invited Kif into the Court. I was initially against the Human being here, seeing it as a pollution to the Court and Lenzwer itself. But I was wrong. He was brilliant, and served the Queen and the Forest with equal diligence. It was the Queen who made him stray from his true Druidic path and into evil. I think it's because he loved her. Thank you Warrior for doing this vile task. But the Queen had to have been stopped. I shall see that the Icon of the Shroud is removed and the Root Monster army is destroyed. Thank you again, may Osverin bless you. You gain 98,720 XP.