Forging Relations

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160 Dokar (West) (5,4) [none]



  1. Obtain Diplomatic Documents from Ash Cloud Elemental
  2. Go to Dokar (West) (8,15)
  3. Go to Dokar (West) (5,4)


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You enter a small village. You are approached by one of the villagers who introduces himself as Governor Takken. "I wonder if you can help us, friend. We are trying to strengthen relations with a neighbouring village. Can you help us?"

"Great! We dispatched an envoy carrying diplomatic documents. Unfortunately the envoy was attacked by savage creatures that reside in this area, and the documents were lost. We need you to recover those documents and take them to the neighbouring village. You will be well rewarded! Good luck!"

Arriving at the village Takken mentioned, you approach what appears to be the town hall.

You have over the documents to the appropriate authority, and in return are given local diplomatic papers. You are told these papers must be taken to the village from which you came from. You gain 1 x Diplomatic Papers.

Arriving back at the first village you came to, Governor Takken is the first to meet you. "Did you deliver the papers!?"

You hand over the diplomatic papers from the neighbouring village. "Great! They have accepted us as allies! Here friend, take this as a token of my peoples gratitude." You gain 1 x Magma Stone and 91,585 xp.