Gnome Idol

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208 Maedos (East) (3,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Maedos (East) (8,14)
  3. Kill 15 Ruir Orc
  4. Return to Maedos (East) (8,14)
  5. Return to Start


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You happen across a small house made from a pile of logs. A small Gnome comes out and asks for your help. He tells you that his house was raided by Orcs while he was out gathering mushrooms. The Orcs stole his sacred idol. Will you help the Gnome?

The Gnome is happy you will help him as he is much too small to do anything about it himself. He tells you that the best place to look for the idol would be the near by Orc camp.

You have come across the Orc camp but it is swarming with Orcs. Will you continue into the camp?

You head into the Camp but you will have to kill the Orcs in the camp area to make sure the coast is clear for finding the idol. You must kill 15 Ruir Orcs before returning to search for the Gnomes idol.

You have returned to the Orc camp. Have you killed enough Orcs to make the camp safe to search?

You enter the Camp and start searching. Its not long until you find the Gnome's sacred idol in a pile of worthless scrap and then head back to the Gnome's home. You gain 1x Gnome Sacred Idol.

You return to the Gnome's home. Will you give the Gnome back his sacred idol?

The Gnome is grateful you have brought back the idol for him. He rewards you with a Magical Gnome Trinket & 155,002 xp. You gain 1x Gnome Trinket.