The Lost Child

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144 Appela Mountains (North) (12,4) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Appela Mountains (North) (7,15)
  3. Return to Start


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As you make your way through the sudden bad weather on the mountain you come across some sheltering nomads in a camp. The nomads come to you asking for help in finding their child who got lost in the bad weather. Will you help them?

You accept to help the nomads find their child and return him safely.

As you search about in the bleak weather you hear a faint voice on the wind. It seems to be coming from behind a near by rock. Will you investigate the rock?

You approach the rock and find a small child crying behind it. It’s the nomads missing child. You gather him up and head back to the nomad’s camp. You gain 1 x Nomad Child.

You finally make it back to the nomad's camp. It's just your luck that the bad weather has now cleared. The nomads rush out to greet you. Will you release the child to the nomads?

The Child runs to its nomad parents. The nomads are a poor people so they give you a magic nomad amulet as thanks for returning their child. You gain 1 x Nomad Skull Amulet and 67,954 xp.