Darmov's Fall

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5 Elya Plains North (7, 22) 100 0.png



  1. Go to Start
  2. Give 100 gold
  3. Go to Darmovs Pit
  4. Kill Darmov the Great (Elite)
  5. Return to Start


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You stumble upon a desperate man. He notices your arrival and immediately approaches you... "Stranger, my family has been living in poverty in this desert for many years. All we need is a little gold to be able to survive for the next season. Would you be able to spare 100 gold?".

You hand over 100 gold.

The man smiles, thankful of your generosity. "Thank you for the gold, friend! Many years ago my son was killed by a foul giant rat known as Darmov. If you can slay this creature, I'll reward you with some armor I found on my travels."

"You will find Darmov lurking within the Varas Dungeon, just north of here. Return to me when you have slain the foul Creature!"

The desperate man sees you return. 'Is it over? I Darmov dead?' You confirm the demise of the foul creature. 'Oh thank you Warrior! My son is avenged. Thank you! Here is the armor I promised you.'

You receive 1 x Darmovs Armor and 108 XP.