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Xinderoth is the name of the level 400 World Area. Generically, when players talk about Xinderoth they refer to the whole range of levels between 400 and 421 that start when you reach the City of Xinderoth. The area is notorius for being particularly difficult, involving a lot of connected quests and huge maps with sparse creatures.


General information and tips

  • Compared to the normal realms, all the main Xinderoth areas are HUGE. While 16x16 to 18x18 are common dimensions for an area, main Xind areas can go up to 40x40. On average, a Xinderoth area is more than four times the size of a normal area. Expect A LOT of walking. Light Foot is a must-have buff.
  • The Xinderoth World Area leads to three locations : City of Xinderoth [400], Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 10) [410] and Xinderoths Library [421]. So these are the only three places you can return to if you leave the Xinderoth area. So for example if you leave Xind at level 418, the only way to get back and continue is to portal to Xinderoth -> Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 10) and then walk through all the intermediary eight levels - we're talking about hundreds of stamina "wasted" just to get back to where you need. It is recommended that you have as much maximum stamina as possible before taking on Xinderoth.
  • Unlike the normal realms, the creature density in the Xinderoth realms is much lower. You can walk for many squares and not find even one creature. And three or more creatures on the same square is actually uncommon in Xind. Use Animal Magnetism and Conserve. Players left notes on several of the wiki pages for the Xind realms with opinions on where the creature densities seem to be higher.
  • The golden rule in Xinderoth is Plan Ahead. That includes getting max stam, find out what gear you will be needing, what quests are there ahead etc. The Xinderoth area is huge and there are a lot of quests so it's easy to lose yourself in it. You'll want to get as much out of the buffs you'll be using as possible.
  • If you decide to do the Xinderoth quests, you'll want to do them in order, since "turning back" in Xind is a terrible option. There's a section about the Xind quests below. And since we're on the subject - many players advise on the second golden rule of Xinderoth - Don't drop the quest items (the ones you get at the end of the quests, that is - read more below on that.)

Gear and buffs

Most regular creatures in Xinderoth require you to have ~10k-12k damage to 1hit. The exceptions are the Xind Puppeteer [416] and Eye of Xinderoth [420] - these two require well over 14k and are not universally 1-hittable even with the best gear and buffs available. BUT a good mix of gear and buffs will make any creature 1-hittable almost all the time.

Setup for maximum damage

This setup, together with the proper buffs (see below) should maximize your 1-hitting. There are a few creatures though that require you have considerably more Attack - these are Xinderoth Friar [402], Void Being [409], Citadel Observer [414] and Glass Maiden [419]. For these creatures you're going to need the full Argus Set :

Alternative setup

This setup, together with the proper buffs (see below) will guarantee you'll hit even these creatures with high defense, while still 1-hitting.


To improve stats:

To improve your chance of 1-hitting:

To improve your chance of not dying if you miss:

And finally, don't forget the abovementioned Light Foot, Animal Magnetism, Conserve.

Of course there are plenty more buffs and better potions, some available only to the richer players. It's up to you to decide how much you're willing to spend and on what.


General notes:

  • The quests below are presented in the form of Quest Name [Level] - Start Location.
  • At the end of the each quest in the main Citadel storyline you're going to end up with one particular Quest Item. Do not drop it. You'll be needing it in the next connected quest.
  • NONE of the quests below are actually mandatory to proceed, if you're interested JUST in leveling. You can kill creatures, level up and leave Xinderoth through Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 20) to Empty Plains (North) when you reach level 421.
  • BUT although the quests aren't mandatory, if you ever want to kill Xinderoth (Super Elite) for its gear or for the SE medal, you're going to need access to the Xinderoths Library which is obtained by partially completing A Sorry Tale, so that means you're gonna have to do the entire main storyline.

City of Xinderoth

The first big area of Xinderoth is the City of Xinderoth. There are several tiny areas connected to it, and access to most of them is unlocked by (partially or totally) completing the quests in the area. There are a total of five quests before entering the Citadel :

  1. Filthy Animals [400] - City of Xinderoth (8,33)
  2. Festival Revelers [400] - Xinderoth Hall (2,2)
  3. Lead Astray [400] - Stoneroot Engineering (2,2)
  4. Bite the Hand [400] - City of Xinderoth (2,2)

These four have to be done in the above order. The fifth is separate :

None of these are mandatory to get to level 401 and proceed to the Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 1).

Citadel of Xinderoth

The Citadel of Xinderoth has 20 huge floors with several tiny side rooms. Each of the main Citadel areas has one quest and most of these quests are connected. The main storyline follows (more info one each quest on their individual pages). These have to be done in the following order :

The following quests are individual, not connected to the main storyline :