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Stamina is required for performing several actions in the game such as moving around the map, using portals, attacking creatures or other players, making and joining guild attack groups, and activating buffs.

Stamina Usage


Taking one step on the world map will cost one stamina, unless you are moving diagonally, which will cost two stamina.

Attacking Creatures

Attacking creatures costs one stamina per swing. If it takes you three swings of your sword to defeat a creature then it cost you three stamina. Even when you swing and miss the creature it still costs one stamina. There are three options for attacking creatures: the first is a 20 stamina attack. A 20 stamina attack will not use more than 20 swings of your weapon. If the creature is still undefeated then this will result in "Combat Unresolved". The other two options for creature attack are 40 stamina and 60 stamina.

When the doubler buff is activated, the stamina usage will be higher than normal. So, every 50 level of the doubler, you will use one extra stamina. If the doubler is level 50, you will use 2 stamina, and gain 2x experience and gold, if the doubler is level 100, you will use 3 stamina, and gain 3x experience and gold and so on.

Attacking Players (PvP)

When attacking players you have the option to use anywhere between 10 and 100 stamina. The more stamina used, the greater the damage to the target player. When the stamina usage to attack players are higher than normal, you also rob more gold and cause the target lose more experience.

Activating Buffs

Activating Skills on yourself or another player costs stamina. Each buff has its own cost between 5 and 50 stamina.

Maximum Stamina

This is the maximum stamina a player can have. Your current stamina may exceed the maximum stamina. But if only you was wearing a stamina item, and it was taken off. So, you will be with the stamina that you gain from the item who gave stamina. Every player starts with 500 maximum stamina, which can be increased by several items, item sets, relics, guild structures and character upgrades.

List of things that increase your maximum stamina

Character Upgrades


Item Sets


Guild Structures

Stamina Gain

When first starting Fallen Sword, each player will gain 50 stamina points each hour. Upgrades may be purchased with FSP and extra stamina gain may be provided by Guild Structures. At this time, the maximum stamina gain through upgrades and guild structures is 90 per hour, which can be further increased by equipping several epic items. For more details see Stamina Gain.