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411 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 11) (8,13) Complete Void Research quest



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 24 Theorems
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Theorem Barracks (10,4)
  5. Kill 50 Enhanced Theorems
  6. Return to Theorem Barracks (10,4)
  7. Go to Chamber of the Theorem (2,2)


Player Note:

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Before you, hunched in a ball of misery is a three legged pink man.

The Exalted Xindor looks up at you imploringly. A tear falls from his single eye, 'The Theorem don't like a joke, they punch and kick me on sight. It's definitely not funny. Could you beat on them for a bit? Maybe then they will be nicer to us. If you beat up 24 Theorem I'd appreciate it'.

The Pink jester is in a much better mood when you return, 'Have you beat up 24 Theorem?'

He nods sadly, 'It's not their fault really, they have very basic natures. But saying that, there's no reason to be nasty to someone. I think that the bad attitude has come from the company they keep. If you look in the Theorem Barracks you might see what I mean.'

The Barracks are an orderly place, devoid of all personnel possessions and comforts. As you walk deeper into the Barracks you are stunned to find the Theorem seem to have changed or developed. Standing in the center of the corridor, a large Enhanced Theorem points at you.

The glowing Theorem swaggers up to you, 'You are not allowed in here. Only the Xind are. He orders the Enhanced Theorem to attack you, this might be tricky. You must now defeat 50 of the Enhanced Theorems.'

The Shining Theorem sneers at you as you approach. You demand he shows you to the Altar that is the source of the Theorem's enhanced power.

The leader of the Theorem looks shocked, he probably is not used to being challenged by anyone other than by a Exalted Xindor. He agrees to do as you ask, and tells you the chamber of the Theorem can be located to the South West corner of the Barracks.

The Altar of Power sits in the center of a small room. Xind energy oozes from it.

You have seen an alter like this before, you reach out to touch it. Small trails of Blue, Green and Yellow light arc from you fingertips onto the altar. The top of the Altar makes a sudden snapping sound and a hole open up. You reach inside, you fingers touch two objects. One is a large gem, the other you withdraw from the depths. The irregular shape of the Xinderoth Scepter Shard 7 rests within your palm. You receive 808,850 Xp + 1 x Xinderoth Scpter Shard 7.