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400 Stoneroot Engineering (2,2) Complete Festival Revelers



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to City of Xinderoth (30,13)
  3. Kill 20 Ogre Labourers
  4. Return to City of Xinderoth (30,13)
  5. Go to Purple Dragon Inn (2,2)
  6. Return to Start


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The Engineering yard is a bustling place. Parts of building materials cram every available space. Within this chaos stands a small man that's very familiar.

The little man is barking orders at all those around him, especially the huge Ogres. As you approach he stops and looks at you with suspicion, 'Why are you here warrior?' You explain that his Brother sent you from the Beer Festival to see if he needed any help. At this the little man relaxes, 'Well actually I'm having terrible trouble with my Ogers, their wandering all over the city and not delivering their loads. Can you find out what's up with them? You'll need one of them to talk to them, Gruffle has a thing for running water, see if you can get him to talk to you.'

It's a strange sight to see a huge fierce beast standing quietly staring at water running over a simple fountain, but that is exactly what you see. The Ogre Gruffle standing meekly with rapt awe at the simple wonder of the light and sound.

Gruffle's huge head slowly turns to you as you speak to him, 'Shut up little person, I'm watching the happy water, only the strong deserve to be listened to, if you defeat 20 Ogre Laborers I'll talk back.'

Gruffle is stood where you left him, 'Don't speak to Gruffle unless you have beaten up 20 Ogre Laborers to prove you are strong enough to be listened to.'

The huge Ogre looks at you in astonishment, 'Oh, wot do you want little person?' You ask why he is not moving the stone for his Boss. 'Oh Gurffle is a good Ogre, only listens to the strong, Thom said not to do what little Boss says, he'll give us money if we listen, so we do listen and he does give us money. If you want some easy money go talk to Throm in the Purple Dragon Inn. It north of here.'

The Purple Dragon was probably a nice place at one time, before the Ogres moved in. Broken furniture litters the floor. Ogres laze in the destruction, but one stands above them all. He is a truly huge Ogre

The Ogre looks down at you, 'Wot you want little Warrior? You ask why the Ogres are not working for the Boss. 'They work for me, I got notches to prove how many Ogres I fight on my belt. How many Ogres did you beat up to get in here?' You tell him it was 20, silence falls in the inn. You then realize that there are 15 notches on Throm's belt. 'Oh, er, we can go back to work for the little Boss. That Laston wasn't paying regularly anyway.' You think that the Boss of Stoneroot Engineering would like to know who was paying his workforce not to work.

The Boss is eagerly awaiting you, 'Have you found out why my Ogres are not moving my stone?'

You describe Throm lording it over the rest of the Ogres in The purple Dragon Inn, and being paid to do it by a person called Laston. But your story is cut short by Throm bursting through the door and yelling at several Ogres. 'That's fantastic, you got him back, here take this, I'm very greatful for everything you've done. Never heard of this Laston, but it's ok now.' He rushes of to start yelling at Throm. You receive 619,330 xp + 1 x Stonecutter Axe