The Sick Puppeteer

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416 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 16) (13,11) Complete Cutting the Line quest



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Xind Core from Xind Puppeteer
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Puppeteer Sanctum (2,7)


Player Note:

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The Xind creatures are an amazing achievement. To create a creature out of magical energy then infuse it with the capability of learning and gain skills. It's an achievement which must go unparalleled with all other magic users in the world. When you come across a Xind Puppeteer which is listless and with its faint purple glow you realise that these creatures can also become sick. The Puppeteer coughs and lifts its head as you approach, 'Warrior will you listen to me?'

The Puppeteer says weakly, 'My Xind Core has run dry, please replace it, I'll reward you for the effort.'

The Sick Puppeteer lays on the floor. It lifts its head weakly, 'Have you acquired a Xind Core?'

The Puppeteer takes the core, 'The weak will give way to the strong. I thank Warrior. You have saved my life, I have to repay you in kind. Please come with me to the Puppeteer Sanctum.'

The Puppeteer brings you into a small, confined room. Perfectly sized for a Puppeteer. In the center of the chamber stand the Xind Forge. An open fire of blazing Xind energy, from across the room you can feel the heat of the raw magical energy. Inside the lethal fire rests your prize. A Xinderoth Scepter Shard 9. The Puppeteer says in its dreamy voice, 'Simply take your prize Warrior.'

The Puppeteer gasps as you reach into you back pack and bring out the other shards. The shard in the forge, shakes then floats towards you and fuses with the rest of the shards in your hand. You turn to the Puppeteer, 'Thank you'. As you walk away you hear the Xind Forge sputter, then fall silent. You receive 621,506 + 1 x Xinderoth Scepter Shard 9.