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402 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 2) (15,29) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 25 Xinderoth Friars
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Sanctum of Doth (2,9)


Player Note:

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The halls of the Citadel are quiet, as you move through the corridors you come across a figure dressed in a grey habit. Not wanting to draw attention to yourself you attempt to move past him.

You almost get past the Monk, but a steel gauntleted hand grabs you, 'You are not of the order, you corrupt the sanctity of this place. You shall be crushed by the power of Xinderoth'. This irritates you, 'If Xinderoth is so powerful, then how did I get in here?' The monk freezes for a second, then lets you go. 'Yes, I have had doubts of late, but you shall prove your power over that of Xinderoth. Defeat 25 of my Brothers and we shall see who is greater.'

The Xinderoth Friar stands muttering quietly to himself, 'I see you have failed to defeat 25 of my brothers in faith.'

The monk does not move for a long while, 'This cannot be true, but here you stand. I cannot deny what I see. Take this key, it will open a treasure chest within Inner Sanctum of Doth. Leave me, I must meditate over these events'. You gain 1 x Key of Doth.

This place is filled with these silent Monks. They mutter between themselves as you pass. But none challenge your right to be there. In pride of place at the in of a large hall sits a large chest.

The lock of the chest opens with a small sharp click. Inside there are no gold coins or silver goblets. No diamonds or rubies. There is a red cushion on on it a segment of some sort puzzle. Confused you take the object, maybe it will be important later. You should find the stairs to the third floor of the Citadel. You gain 628,690 xp + 1 x Xinderoth Scepter Shard.