Enchant Weapon

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Name: Enchant Weapon
Skill Type: Offense
Level: 25
Description: +0.1% per point stat bonus increase to your equipped weapon. (Excludes 'Gain' bonuses).
Stamina: 1-
Duration: 90 Minutes

User Notes

This can be handy depending on your weapon. The official explanation isn't very clear: what it does really, or at least what is shown on your profile is that this skill add 0.1% per point to the base stats of the weapon such as the weapon is before any hellforging bonus but after any crafting bonus. The enhancement bonuses ( Piercing Strike, Disarm, ...) are not affected by this skill during its duration. The 'gain' stat bonuses (e.g. XP Gain) are not affected either. However, after the duration of the skill, all the enhancements of your weapon are doubled until you remove your weapon. Some other actions might remove this buggy doubled enhancements effect.