Bite the Hand

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400 City of Xinderoth (2,2) Complete Lead Astray



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Xinderoth Stately Mansion (7,6)
  3. Kill 30 Contract Assassins
  4. Return to Xinderoth Stately Mansion (7,6)
  5. Go to Xinderoth Chamber (2,2)
  6. Kill 15 Xindor Bear Tamers
  7. Return to Xinderoth Chamber (2,2)
  8. Kill 15 Xinderoth City Guards
  9. Return to Xinderoth Chamber (2,2)
  10. Obtain Xinderoth Death Key from Xinderoth Executioner
  11. Go to Xinderoth Death Row (15,8)
  12. Return to Xinderoth Chamber (2,2)
  13. Go to Snake and Ferret (7,16)
  14. Go to Traders Home (17,21)


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The streets of the City are crowded, your time here has taught you that the crowd dictates your speed. Nobody runs in the City. So when you see the servant running panicked through the crowd you know something is wrong.

The servant grabs at you like a drowning man, 'Are you going to help me! My master is a prisoner in his own home, there are people coming for him. Go see my Master, he is in the Xinderoth Stately Mansion South West of here there in the corner of the square'.

You Enter the impressive building, fine carpets decorate the floor and large paintings the walls. In the center of the room stands a stiff Butler

The man is dressed from head to toe in black. His has a look of someone who is used to being in control. 'Ah, Henderson got help. The Master is having trouble of late, there are some Contract Assassins on their way here. I'm told that 30 have been hired for the task. Please deal with the inconvenience'.

The Butler looks around furtively as if expecting to see hooded men diving at him, 'Have you seen to the 30 Contract Assassins?'

He does not betray any hint of emotion, 'That's good, competent help is so hard to fine these days. I understand that Warriors prize items over gold. So here, take these as payment. The Master may want to see you, you may find him in his chamber. Go through the door to the north and you shall find him. You gain 1 x Butlers Shoes.

The Masters Chamber is as impressive as all the other rooms in the Mansion, in the center stands a very nervous man.

The Man jumps slightly at your voice, then begins to pace around, 'Your the Warrior who helped me, my thanks. If there is anything you wish please do not hesitate to ask. Laston does honor his word. At his name you wince, 'Your Laston, why did you pay the Stoneroot Engineering Ogres to stop working? Laston freezes, 'Oh, oh my. So you know my true business. I make no apology for it you know. I grew up in the South West quarter of Xinderoth, I made a few friends and got into the business of helping people sort out their problems. I was hired to make some trouble for the City Guard, so I got the Ogres to wander about but something has changed with the deal. I also hired some of the Xindor Bear Tamers too, I need them silenced. Can you get rid of 15 Xindor Bear Tamers. I'll make it worth your while'.

Laston is still in his chamber apparently brooding, 'Have you taken care of those 15 Xindor Bear Tamers?'

The wealthy man relaxes a bit, 'Well at least that's gone right today. I'm not happy with this whole deal. My informant in the Guard didn't tip me off in time about the Contract put on me. I need to send him a message. But he is very useful, I need you to hurt his precious Guard patrol. That will make him feel more insecure. Take out 15 Xinderoth City Guard, that should make him think twice about double crossing me again. And take this ring as payment for the help.' You gain 1 x Ring of Laston.

Laston is not happy at all when you return, 'Was there any problem with those 15 Xinderoth City Guards? he snaps.'

He throws his arms into the air, 'Well I'm glad you have no problems. Me on the other hand, mine are multiplying by the minute! My lead cut-purse has been arrested by the Guard and is in the Xinderoth City Keep. Most probably in retaliation to the Guards being thinned. Honest Joe is scheduled for execution in the morning. I need him out of there before then. We do have one bit of luck, the Xinderoth Executioner is obsessed with killing with the first blow. He also has the key to the Death Row on him. Go get that key off the Xinderoth Executioner and bring Honest Joe back here.'

Death Row is as grim as you imagined it would be. The very walls are steeped in misery. Huddled in the corner cell you find a wrenched figure hunched in despair.

The thin mans head rises up from his knees, 'Of course mate, never done a wrong thing in my life.' He sits where is is, and looks at you. 'Well then, you better come with me, Mr Laston wants to see you.' Honest Joe smiles, 'Ok mate, lead on. Whilst you at it, take this. It's a token from my employer to you. He said you'd turn up.' As you take the Amulet you can't help your self, 'Where did you keep this, surly the Guards stripped you of all your belongings?' Honest Joe gives a soft giggle, 'It was a present to you mate, my employer told me only to give it to you. I gotta do as I'm told, me being Honest and all.' You gain 1 x Amulet of Ullthur.

Mr Laston sits in his chamber wringing his hand nervously, he stands immediately when you enter the room, 'Have you returned with Honest Joe?'

Honest Joe shuffles up to Laston, his head bowed. 'Sorry Sir, I got caught on the job. I also never managed to get the name you wanted. With the Guard on so high alert everyone is in hiding. Laston seems not to be listening, 'Well at least your alright. With you out nobody can pin anything on me. Just lay low until I can pay the right people and you can bet back to work. Well thank you Warrior, I'm in your debt. I'll make amends later right now I have other pressing matters to attend to. And with that he walks off. Honest Joe looks at you with a happy grin, 'Lets go have a drink mate, as celebration. There's a pub south of here called "Snake and Ferret". See you there.'

The Snake and Ferret is a cozy little pub filled with all sorts of Thief. You recognize the danger your in as soon as you enter the Pub. Then Honest Joe calls loudly over to you and the tension seems to leave the smoky air.

Honest Joe is sitting happily drinking a beer. 'Nice to see you, I knew you'd turn up. The name Mr Laston wanted was the person that hired Mr Laston in the first place. It sounds weird, but he doesn't know who it is. The Thieves are a go between for both you see. But my Employer wants you to visit the person in question due to the fact that he is upsetting everyone in Xinderoth. He said to give you this twig and tell you to go South East of here to the Traders Home, just off the Citadel Square. Also you gotta dissolve the twig in some drink. He said you would be happy to do the job considering who it is.'

The Traders Home is ideally placed in the center of the City, as you enter the large dwelling you realize to your shock that your in a party. Then you see a familiar face.

Before you is a rich merchant, he is telling a tale of how he slew a wild dog that had entered the City and was pointing to to a magnificent trophy on the wall. A waiter wanders past and you take two glasses. In one you crush the Seaple Wort in one and walk directly up to the storyteller. 'A toast to Novak Mar, Slayer of Hounds', you say loudly. Novak Mar is stunned to see you and takes the glass. He drinks deeply, you drink from your glass, smile, turn and leave. Novak seems to be relieved to see you go. As you near the door you hear a scream, someone is asking Novak if he is alright. You know full well he is not. The Deity of Vengeance is pleased, gain 1,048,096 xp and 2001 Gold.