Filthy Animals

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400 City of Xinderoth (8,33) [none]



  1. Go to Start (8,33)
  2. Obtain Stray Head from Xinderoth Stray
  3. Go to Ullthurs Preserves (2,2)
  4. Go to The Fresh Sprig (2,2)
  5. Return to Ullthurs Preserves (2,2)
  6. Return to Start


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Wandering through this magnificent city you can't help but wonder at what you see. You have simply never seen anything this size before. People bustle past you wrapped up in what ever business they have. Within this huge tide you see a man standing still in the throng.

The man is finely dressed, he turns to you with obvious rage. 'Wrong! Of course something is wrong, those disgusting mutts roaming around the city. Befouling the pavement, well I won't have it. The City Guard simply isn't doing it's job. You, go get me a head of one of those Xinderoth Strays. I want it stuffed and mounted, you will find Ullthur's Preserves south west of here.'
(Entry to Ullthur's Preserves granted)

Ullthurs Preserves is a dark and smelly place. The Shop is a seedy place with shelves covering every wall. A thin man is lurking behind a counter.

You unwrap the head and explain that it must be stuffed and mounted, and describe who it's for. 'Ah, yes. I'll prepare the item, but I've run out of Seaple Wort. It's needed for the preservatives, if you go get me some it will make the job go a lot quicker. It's sold at The Fresh Sprig, just north of here near the Main Gates.'
(Entry to The Fresh Sprig granted)

The Fresh Sprig is full of people buying herbs and spices. The aroma fills the air. You are not used to such a group of people in such a confined area. The proximity of strangers makes you nervous. A brightly dressed woman greets you, 'Oh – you look like you've just arrived, what can I get you?' When you ask for Seaple Wort she seems to wince a bit, and looks closely at you. 'Why do you need that then?' You say Ullthur sent you and she takes you into the back, 'Of course you'll keep this between me and you, you understand.' She then opens a small draw and gingerly takes out a black twig-like herb. 'That'll be 2000 Gold please', she says in a whisper.

The women thanks you for your custom. You gain 1 x Seaple Wort.

After recovering from the cost of such a worthless twig you return to Ullthurs Preserves.

Ullthur is just fixing the Stray head onto a splendid wooden base. At the sound of the bell he greets you, 'You're back quicker than I thought you would be, I'm sorry I had some spare preserve. I hope you don't mind the wasted journey, let me take that Seaple Wort off you, it costs such a lot these days. I'm sure the Angry Merchant will pay you handsomely for the item. He is a regular for me so I'll settle up with him later. When your finished with your business go East, there's a Beer Festival at the Xinderoth Halls. I'm sure you'll have a good day.' You gain 1 x Stray Trophy.
(Entry to Xinderoth Hall granted)

The dogs head looks oddly impressive on it's wooden mount, it's an strange thing to want but you have the feeling that this is only the start and that stranger things are going to happen in this city. You return to the angry merchant.

The Merchant looks at the trophy, a smile breaks over his face, 'Well that's tremendous, you have the gratitude of Novak Mar. It will pay you dividends in the future.' And at that he walks off. You can't believe it, you've just been ripped off. He was right about one thing. You will not forget the name Novak Mar and you have a very long memory. You gain 0 Xp, 0 Gold and no item. The Diety of Vengance takes note.