Rogue Leader

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408 Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 8) (13,24) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Obtain Tainted Xind Shard from Opticor Guard
  3. Return to Start


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This floor of the Citadel is the most expansive you have seen so far, a man dressed full amour rushes up to you, 'Please will you help me?' cries as he approaches you.

When the figure gets close to you, you see he object you assumed to be a Pole Axe is in fact a large staff like a shepherds crook. 'The Opticor Guard have been acting up recently, I think that one of them is convincing the others to rebel against Xinderoth. I think it has a Tainted Xind Shard. Can you find it and bring it to me. I can't heard them if they are being mislead by the Rouge Opticor Guard.

The Opticor Herder does not wait for you to greet him, he runs up to you and asks in almost demented tones, 'Have you found the Tained Xind Shard?'

The Opticor Herder takes the shard, 'That's tremendous, the Opticor Guards are very tough opponents. Now with the troublesome Guard dead, I can regain control of the rest. Thank you for your help, take this, I hope it will help you.' You receive 547,986 + 1 x Opticor Mace.