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Age: 15
Country: Sweden
Sex: Male.jpg
Joined: 10/Nov/2007
Name: Alusinki
Guild: The white dragon
Guild Title: great wyrm
Allies: Cruden, Helst0rm, KorinDan, Shadow30, thely
Enemies: aznmafiax, Dudewalker, mircic, XxJaVenxX, lamec
Medals: 8_1.gif 5_1.gif
Auction House: My current auctions
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My real name is Jacob and im 15 years old and live in Sweden in a nice little town called Borlänge. Translated to english that makes live long time and im planning to live there long too. My parents are separated. My mom is married and now our family contains of about 10 family members ^^ I have 4 real brothers and 2 halfbrothers and 1 halfsister. I also have 2 dogs. So it's kind of a big family. My father is living with a woman from thailand actually. She has a son and I'm not so bond with him. I have 3 cats roaming around the house there too :D. I'd like to write down their names too but there are so many ^_^

Guild History

I've been in The White Dragon guild since I was lvl 1. Our former gracious leader ^^ KorinDan invited me from another game. At about lvl 50-60 I became guild recruiter. Everyone treat me like a family member. here is a link to my recruitment page on forum,and on that page is a link to my guildwebsite^^


I'm lvl 100. Progress to next lvl:


  • Adventurer (Bronze)

8_1.gif Complete at least 25 quests

Progress to next medal:

  • Adventurer (Silver)

8_2.gif Complete at least 100 quests

Progress to next medal:

  • Loyalty (Bronze)

5_1.gif Log into the game on at least 30 different days.

Progress to next medal:

  • Loyalty (Silver)

5_2.gif Log into the game on at least 90 different days.

Progress to next medal:


Special Treasure Hunter 105 (+25) 17_sm.gif 3,000 Gold
Special Adept Learner 105 (+25) 19_sm.gif 3,000 Gold
Special Librarian 105 (+25) 20_sm.gif 3,000 Gold
Special Merchant 105 (+25) 21_sm.gif 3,000 Gold

All buffs together for 10,000 Gold


Allies ^^


Doubler sellers. (in case not my guilds Doubler sellers are online)


Completed Quests

Allied supplies
Amazon Ambush
Anvil Reign
Building Bridges
Call of Fortitude
Cleanse the Caves
Drunkards Rambling
Eldoras Path
Eternal Chant
Forest of Herbs
Hidden Ruins
Maedron Guild
Merchant Values
Nomad Retribution
Orb of Corruption
Rare Search
Rat Slayer
Skulls of Horror
Spilling Blood
Taking Arms
The Burning Abyss
The Burning Temple
The Cull
The Price of Skulls
The Sacred Knife
The Wounded Adventurer
To kill an Orc, or two
Valuable Find

Uncompleted Quests

Call of Dregdon
Pieces of Two
Scrolls of Old
Tortured Spirits Tome