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Joined: 25/Jul/2007
Name: Helst0rm
Medals: 8_1.gif
Guild: Mermaid Knights
Allies: KrimzonX, Shadow30, Kementine, CelticKing, Nynaeve, Flamie, evfisher, lauma, Eledyssil, SkyWizard, Iceman737, giggsy
Enemies: bullies, jerks, and rude people


Who Is Helst0rm?

Helst0rm is The Astral Art Elemental of Mermaid Knights guild.
Helst0rm makes Avatars! ^_^
Helst0rm has a flavor!
Helst0rm is good with white wine.
Helst0rm is married to KrimzonX
Helst0rm has touched giggsy's monkey

Helst0rm's buffs

Rage (120+25)145 5k gold
Fury (120+25)145 5k gold
Berserk (120+25)145 5k gold
Wither coming soon
Adept Learner (120+25)145 5k gold
Librarian (120+25)145 5k gold
Merchant (120+25)145 5k gold
Animal Magnetism (120+25)145 5k gold
Doubler 145 5k gold
Conserve coming soon

All Buffs listed (except Dark Curse and Doubler) sell for 30k together. I call it the Extreme Hunting Pack! Add Dark Curse to the party for only 10k more! Now Double(3x) your pleasure for only 5k! Do drop by! Helst0rm

Avatars By Helst0rm

Welcome to Avatars By Helst0rm! I hope that I can give you what you are looking for in an avatar. Feel free to browse my current work below and the fees and rules. Have a great day. ^_^


10k Down 100k Minimum. Price goes up for increased difficulty. Trust me, you can stare at images for hours and not come up with anything... and I don't settle for less, if I can't find what you are looking for, I won't put out substandard work.


1. All work is signed. If you don't like my small signature in the bottom right corner, find someone else.
2. No one likes rejection. If you don't like what I make for you I will remake it one time ONLY. After that I will refund your deposit and you can find someone else. (The only exception is if someone else happens to have the same pic there are 1.75 million users, its bound to happen sooner or later.)
3. Vagueness = a looooong wait time for your avatar. "Hey man I want a cool pic like yours!" = vague. And there are only so many pictures of reapers out there most of them have probably been used.
4. Specifics are nice but too specific an you might as well make your own. Good example Zaygoff - I'd like a ninja with a rose. Bad example Madeup - Hey man I want a picture of a guy with a hat with big ass muscles kicking down a cow that's on fire with an exploding starship in the background! <--- If you are this guy you had better have a link to that picture. ¬_¬
5. Picture hunting sucks and takes along time. If you get the picture on the front page that shows up after you type anime warrior, chances are somebody else did that too and you may meet your twin someday.
6. Fonts are fun to use and I try to match the font to the picture. If you want a special effect state it before I make the avatar.
7. If you don't specify I will only put your name on the avatar.
8. Japanese characters are by close guestimation only. I do not have any kind of degree in Japanese, I will research as much as possible but somethings just can't be translated.

Avatar Gallery

Some of the images below are just Text work. Usually guild members or friends. If I see they have a pic that suits them I'll surprise them by adding their name to it. ^_^

Helst0rm.jpg Krimzonx.jpg Krimzonx2.jpg Kementine.jpg Skywizard.jpg
Ayriam1.jpg Firebate.jpg Mandrayk.jpg Ferditt.jpg Celtic.jpg
Wla103085.jpg Skitzo88.jpg Brodster.jpg Istrider.jpg Russpaul.jpg
Zig951.jpg Krimzonx3.jpg Kohenxxx.jpg Zkastig.jpg Ferditt2.jpg
Iceman.jpg Ragingbull.jpg Roan.jpg Celtic2.jpg Magistorm1.jpg
Kiken1.jpg Mrdemonic.jpg Lauma.jpg Zaygoff.jpg Dizejbobo.jpg
Jerolimus.jpg Luisfmp.jpg CBMathis.jpg Evfisher.jpg Speed520.jpg
Zaramoff.jpg Bhellion.jpg Helst0rm2.jpg Kiken2.jpg Firewing22.jpg
Questionhb.jpg 00guilder0.jpg Perfection.jpg Phoeni999.jpg Oropher.jpg
Bluefin.jpg 1535.jpg Krimzonx4.jpg Spiderlord.jpg Nightwlkr.jpg
Flamecase.jpg Celtic3.jpg Sariah.jpg TDA.jpg Bailong.jpg
Alarond.jpg Skywizard2.jpg Lime7.jpg Celtic4.jpg Fallenlegion.jpg
Necronda.jpg White.jpg White.jpg White.jpg White.jpg

Other Art Requests