The Wounded Adventurer

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36 Dark Cave (Level 1) (11,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Dark Cave (Level 1) (4,7)
    • Attempt to take pack
  3. Kill 10 Cave Raptors
  4. Return to Start



  • After killing the raptors, you can pick up the medicine pack in the square with the adventurer (11,3), not the one with the pack (4,7).

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In the caves you come across a wounded adventurer in the darkness. He’s in a bad way and really needs medical help. Will you go help the warrior?

You go over to the warrior. It turns out he has been badly wounded by cave raptors and has lost a valuable medicine pack while making his escape from the raptors. This medicine pack will heal the warrior’s wounds. You will have to search the darkness for the warrior's medicine pack and bring it back to him.

Searching around in the dark damp ground you come across a backpack and on closer inspection you realize this is the medicine pack you are looking for! As you go to pick up the pack you suddenly hear a growl from behind you. Do you dare turn to face whatever made the noise?

You turn around and come face to face with a Cave Raptor and its pack. You are going to have to fight them all before you can collect the medicine pack safely. You must kill at least 10 Cave Raptors before you can safely return and collect the Medicine pack

You must continue killing the Cave Raptors before you can pick up the medicine pack.

Now you have the medicine pack you must hurry back to the wounded adventurer. (You Gain the Adventurers Medicine Pack)

You have made it back to the wounded adventurer. Will you give him the medicine pack?

You give the adventurer the medicine pack and he drinks a potion from it that heals all his wounds instantly! As a sign of gratitude he gives you a magic ring he found on one of his many adventures. The adventurer bids you goodbye then wanders away into the darkness. (You Gain the Ring of Catorn and 4,537 xp)