Pieces of Two

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92 Swamp Mountains (North) (9,12) Valuable Find and Merchant Values



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Iluore Dragon Pit (6,3)


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You encounter a trader who introduces himself as Ribo. \"Hello there traveler, I have a valuable trinket you might find useful. I will trade it with you for the Gem of Temalo.\"

"Excellent! Here is your trinket..." Ribo passes you a torn piece of parchment. You unravel it only to find that it is only half of one. (You gain Parchment Piece 1)

You must find the other piece of the parchment in order to find out what the whole scroll says.

You piece the two parchment pieces together. The writing is ancient, what parts you can make out describe an ancient battle between an old race of Dragons and some unfathomable dark beasts. The scroll mentions an old pit deep within the mountains. (You gain Red Scroll)

You encounter a statue resembling a massive dragon. You speak the ancient words on the red scroll and the statue comes to life. You encounter the last surviving dragon from the ancient wars.

The beasts eyelids slowly open, giant pupils focusing on you. “Who dare disturbs my slumber." The giant beast asks with a deep, grumbling voice as it looks around. “Someone has stolen my egg. Retrieve my egg immediately, before I devour you.”

\"Did you retrieve my egg?!\" The giant beast asks.

"Thank you, mortal! Here, take this as a reward..." (Gained 37,675 xp and Armor of Draco.)

Ribos Trade
Swamp Mountains (North) (9,12)