The Burning Temple

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48 Utapo Flats (East) (9,6) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Utapo Flats (North) (12,12)
  3. Return to Start


  • 3,000 0.png
  • 7,445 XP

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As you approach the village you see plumes of smoke and fire reaching high into the sky. You run to see that the local temple is on fire in the village. The village elders see you and come to you asking for help. Will you help?

The village elders are pleased you have accepted their plea to help as they have run the well dry, trying to put out the flames and need to get water quick before the fire spreads. The elders tell you that the next water source is the oasis next to the two sacred pyramids. You must find this oasis and bring back water to help put out the fire.

In the distance you see the two sacred pyramids. You are close to the oasis. When you get there you see there are many water jugs scattered on the oasis banks. Will you collect one?

You gather up a water jug and fill it with the cool waters of the oasis. Now you must head back to the village to put out the fire. (You gain the Oasis Water Jug)

You have made it back to the village temple and it is still ablaze. Will you give the water to the villagers to put out the fire?

The Villagers take the water and use it to put the fires out on the temple. The elders say if it wasn’t for you the village would have been doomed. They reward you for your efforts with gold. (You gain 3,000 Gold and 7,445xp.)