Maedron Guild

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70 Endlore Valley (East) (3,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 30 Chargers
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Inferno Mountains (South) (12,4)
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Gebores Divide (South) (4,14)
  7. Return to Start
  8. Go to Motaur Forests (East) (11,15)



  • You have to be level 71 to finish the quest.

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You encounter a large tavern building. As you enter the structure. As you enter the tavern you are approached by an old, elvish looking man garbed in a flowing blue robe. Welcome to the Maedron Guild. Are you looking for work?

Excellent! Your first task will be to prove your strength and valour in battle. Only after you slaughter 30 Chargers will you progress to the next task… good luck!

Did you manage to kill the 30 Chargers?

You have passed the first task and have proven yourself a worthy fighter. Come back to us when you are ready to undertake the next task. You have gained the Scythe of Maxilar and 340 xp.

Are you ready to undertake the next task?

Excellent! For your next task we require you to locate and recover two rare fragments of an ancient stone. You will find the first fragment in the south where the rivers flow molten. Return when you have recovered the first fragment.

You stumble across an ancient burial ground.

After a while of searching through the burial ground, you discover a fragment of stone. It’s the first piece of the ancient stone. You gain the First Fragment.

Have you recovered the first fragment?

Excellent work! Now the next fragment you will find in the south where a great battle once raged. You have gained 250 xp.

You discover an ancient tomb.

After searching through the tomb you discover the second fragment of the ancient stone.

Did you manage to recover the second fragment of the ancient stone?

Great! We can now combine the two fragments to give us the location of the ancient treasure cache. It is known that the ancient cache is located somewhere in the East Motaur Forest. Good luck! You have gained the Rune of Phale and 250 xp.

You discover the ancient cache that the Elven guild member spoke of...

After some time of exploring the ancient cache, you discover a small fortune in gold and an item. You have gained the Blade of Torment along with 425 gold and 26,039 xp.

The Maedron Guild
Endlore Valley (East) (3,3)

Inferno Mountains Burial Ground
Inferno Mountains (South) (12,4)

Ancient Tomb
Gebores Divide (South) (4,14)

Ancient Cache
Motaur Forests (East) (11,15)