Scrolls of Old

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85 Depths of Despair (Level 3) (9,11) [none]



  1. Go to Start
    • Pay 10,000 0.png
    • View parchment[1]
  2. Go to Haunted Swamp (Ruins) (9,8)
    • View scroll[2]
  3. Go to Crypt of Carnage (Level 2) (12,14)



  • At last check this quest had a bug that causes both the parchment and scroll to show as being the same (they have identical quest book links).
  • (As at 5:24 GMT 2nd January 2011 Bug still exists)

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You are approached by an elderly man wearing a long flowing robe. "Hello there stranger. I have a valuable item that may be of great value to you… I will give it to you for 10,000 gold."

The aged man hands you a parchment, along with three runes bearing strange symbols on them. The parchment seems to be written in what appears to be an elvish language. You attempt to read it but some of the symbols seem unreadable; they have faded due to age. There must be some connection between the runes and the parchment. View Parchment [3]

You discover a small trinket box hidden beneath some rocks beside the ruins...

You open the box to discover an old scroll. The scroll appears to have been written in elvish… View Scroll[4]

You encounter a small aperture in the ground. Light spills forth from the depths...

As you approach the aperture you are ensnared within crystal vines that wrap themselves around you. You desperately try slashing and hacking yourself free, but to no effect. A sphere of light surrounds your body as you feel the world around you fading to darkness… Minutes later you awake to find yourself alone on the ground. A special amulet lies across your chest. You gain 16,207 xp and 1x Fennlar Amulet.