Skulls of Horror

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80 Haunted Swamp (Ruins) (8,8) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Kill 11 Skull Horrors
  3. Go to Haunted Swamp (Ruins) (8,10)
  4. Return to Start


  • 22,753 XP
  • 2,000 0.png

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As you search one of the Swamps ruined towers you meet a young woman in old fashioned clothes sitting on the stairs crying. When you ask her what’s wrong she says that a Skull Horror stole her ring from her and flew away. Will you help the girl by retrieving the ring?

You accept to hunt down the Skull Horror that stole the ring. As you don’t know what horror stole it you are going to have to kill many Skull horrors to find out, then return the ring to the young woman.

You have killed another Skull Horror and you check its fallen body and find the ring. Will you take the ring?

You take the ring and now you must head back to the tower. You gain 1x Young Woman's Ring.

You climb the ruined tower again to where the Young woman is sitting crying. Will you give her the ring?

You Give the Young woman the ring and she stops crying and stands up. She hands you a small purple bag and smiles. As you go to thank her to your surprise she fades away to nothing. Suddenly you realize there’s a reason why it’s called the haunted swamp... You gain 2,000 gold and 22,753 xp.