Call of Dregdon

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70 Endlore Valley (South) (12,3) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Crystal Cavern (Entrance) (3,7)
  3. Return to Start
  4. Go to Crystal Cavern (Entrance) (16,13)
  5. Return to Start
  6. Go to Crystal Cavern (Gargoyles Den Level 1) (12,12)
  7. Return to Start


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Endlore Trader Post
You encounter a trader. He approaches you... Hello Traveller, i wonder if you could help me?

I'm trying to seek three extremely rare crystals that can only be found in the Crystal Caverns. Recover the crystals and I shall reward you with a special item!

You discover a cluster of special crystals. They appear to look like the crystals the old traders was talking about.

You gather some of the unique crystals. They are surprisingly heavy for their size. As such, you will need to take these crystals to the trader before finding the others.

Welcome back, Traveler! Did you manage to find the rare crystals!?

Excellent! If you manage to find the other rare crystals, then I shall give you your reward!

You discover a second cluster of rare crystals...

As was the problem with the first crystals, these seem even heavier! You must return these crystals to the trader before locating the third rare crystal cluster!

Welcome back again Traveler! Did you manage to locate the other rare crystals!?

Excellent! All I need now are the rare crystals situated deeper into the Crystal Caverns! Good luck!

You encounter a third cluster of Rare Crystals...

You gather the rare crystals.

Hello Traveler! Did you manage to locate the final Rare Crystal cluster?

Great! Now I can finish my work on the unique Balakar Ring! As for your reward... I have made two types of these rings. Here, take one as a reward! You gain the Balakar Ring and 23,185 xp.