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Joined: 09/Feb/2008
Name: Shaydeling
Guild: The Pagan Knights
Guild Title: Guild Founder, King of the Court
Allies: OrinJaxx, Crystal79, Mandrayk, Wrathstar
Enemies: gothgirl22, shadowshow
Medals: 8_1.gif 8_1.gif
Auction House: My current auctions
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I am he who walks between worlds and realities... I step between the worlds of chaos and insanity, and between the realities of here and there... I am the Shaydeling.

Guild History

Started the game February 10th and joined The Dreaming Knights Of Eld guild for about a week before I found a better and more permanent home here at The white dragon's guild and have been a very happy Dragon ever since.



Category Name Points Image
Offense Enchant Weapon 100 (+25) 5_sm.gif
Defense Great Vigor 2 (+25) 12_sm.gif
Defense Absorb 100 (+25) 13_sm.gif
Special Find Item 68 (+25) 16_sm.gif
Special Treasure Hunter 10 (+25) 17_sm.gif
Special Deep Pockets 5 (+25) 22_sm.gif
Special Adept Learner 105(+25) 19_sm.gif
Special Librarian 105 (+25) 20_sm.gif


8_1.gif 8_1.gif

Allies and Enemies

BeoSlayer is a good friend from my town and a family member of my guild
Crystal79 is my wife
Mandrayk is da man with a buff from the White dragons when I need it...
OrinJaxx is a man I have grown to respect a great deal as I have spent time with the White Dragons, he is intelligent and unafraid to let his opinion be known. Much respect for that the dragons go far with you in their midst, and Shadow30 at their heart... you are the two that have impacted the lives of me and Crystal the most I think.
Wrathstar is my brother from another mother...


Completed Quests

Angry Natives
Anvil Reign
Behind Enemy Lines
Building Bridges
Call of Fortitude
Crypt of Valsar
Darmov's Fall
Divine Vengeance
Dreg March
Failed Task
Orb of Corruption
Rag Doll
Rat Slayer
Souls of the Lost
Taking Arms
Tassodans Lost Rune
The Burning Abyss
The Burning Temple
The Burnt Hut
The Lost Chest
The Old Man
The Price of Skulls
The Sacred Knife
The Wounded Adventurer
Venomous Thoughts

Uncompleted Quests

Cleanse the Caves

Up Coming Quests

A LOT!!!!!

Quest Working On