Behind Enemy Lines

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11 Nomad Stronghold (7,2) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Nomad Barracks (2,6)
  3. Kill 15 Nomad Magus
  4. Return to Nomad Barracks (2,6)
  5. Go to Nomad Sanctum (5,8)
  6. Kill 15 Nomad Warriors
  7. Return to Nomad Sanctum (5,8)


  • 1,500 XP
  • 2,000 0.png

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Up ahead there is an armor clad warrior holding his ground from nomadic attackers.

Gasping for breath, he says to you: 'Thank you fellow warrior! I thought I was going to be overwhelmed for a second there. I'm sure I'll be fine now but I'm not so sure about my friends. I got separated from my two travel companions in the Barracks and the Sanctum. We were a scouting party sent to map this area for my people. If you see them can you aid them and send them word of my location?'

You hear the sound of steel clashing with steel. There is another warrior up ahead engaged in a fierce battle. This must be one of the travel companions you have been searching for!

"Can't you see I'm a little busy here!" Growls the warrior. "Make yourself useful by killing some of these Magi and then we can talk!"

'Well, we can talk now. What was it you were so eager to tell me?'

'Really, my friend waits for me in the stronghold? This is good news indeed! Maybe you can find the last one of our party and let him know also. I'm sure we lost him somewhere in the Sanctum.'

In the distance appears to be a man reading a map.

You have found the third warrior from the scouting party. He says to you: 'If you can cover me for a while by killing some of the Nomad Warriors around here I might be able to get back to my comrades!'

'Have you cleared the way for me?' Asks the warrior.

'Amazing stuff! Well done friend, you have done me a proud service. I must go now to rejoin my party.' [Gain 1500 XP and 2000 gold]