The Lost Chest

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37 Luminous Den (Level 2) (12,5) [none]



  1. Go to Start
  2. Go to Luminous Den (Level 2) (12,17)
  3. Kill 5 Crystal Golems
  4. Return to Luminous Den (Level 2) (12,17)
  5. Return to Start


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In the darkness of the Den you hear a sobbing. Curious you head towards the sound and see a thin reptilian creature sitting, crying. You approach the reptilian creature and it seems friendly enough. It tells you the reason it is sad is that in the darkness it has lost its special chest. Will you help the creature by finding the chest?

The creature is happy that you would help even though you are a stranger to him. It describes the chest to you and that you will be rewarded upon its safe return.

You come across what appears to be the chest described by the reptilian creature. As you go over to the Chest you are suddenly ambushed by 5 Crystal Golems. Will you fight them?

You charge the Golems and quickly they realize they are doomed and run away. Instead of ignoring them and collecting the chest you decide that the 5 Crystal Golems must be caught and killed before returning for the chest.

Having killed the Crystal Golems you return to the chest. Will you take the chest?

You pick up the chest which is heavier than it looks. You must now return it to the reptilian creature.You gain 1x Reptilian Chest.

You return with the chest to the reptilian creature. Will you give the chest to the creature?

You give the creature the chest and it is overjoyed to see it again. He opens it and a rummage around inside for a bit then from within the chest produces your reward. Thanking you again the reptilian creature then scuttles into the darkness.You gain 1x Reptilian Gloves and 4,537 Exp.