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PvP is an acronym for Player Versus Player combat.

Attack other players to take their gold and lower their experience, increasing your PvP Rating and PvP Prestige.

When attacking another player, the attacker has the option to use between 10 and 100 stamina. The more stamina used, the more gold can be stolen and more Experience Points can be removed from the victim. Players can be de-leveled from defeats by other players.

Any player can attack any other player so long as their virtual level is within range.

Virtual Level Level Range
1 - 199 +/- 5
200 - 999 +/- 10
1000 - 1999 +/- 20
2000 - 2999 +/- 30
3000 - 3999 +/- 40
4000 - 4999 +/- 50

Both the attacker and defender must be at least virtual level 25 for any xp loss to occur (unless it is a Bounty attack). If the target player's virtual level is more than 10 levels above or below your virtual level, no xp loss will occur. If you initate the combat and lose, xp loss will be applicable regardless of level difference.

For normal (i.e. not bounties) PvP attacks, gold will only be stolen if the target player is within 10 levels of the attacker.

New players (< level 25) are protected from losing XP. Also new players receive 14 days protection from PvP. Note though that this is removed if they attack any other player.

When a player is attacked, he or she can place a bounty on the attacker for gold or FSP. Any player who accepts the bounty may attack the bounty target, regardless of either player's virtual level.

PvP Protection

A player can opt out of PvP by purchasing one of the three available PvP Protection upgrades on the Character Upgrades page :

  • +24 Hours PvP Protection
  • +7 Days PvP Protection
  • +28 Days PvP Protection

These upgrades protect your character from standard PvP attacks. Note that you can still be attacked if you are bountied or part of a Guild Conflict. Note also that if you initiate an attack against any player, you will lose any remaining PvP Protection time.

If you use PvP Protection, you will be excluded from the PvP Ladder until it next resets. Note also you will not be allocated a PvP Band if you have PvP Protection activated when the PvP Ladder resets.

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