PvP Arena

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PvP Arena

The PvP Arena is an area where players can compete on a balanced playing field to prove who really is the best at PvP!


Name What does it do?
x.png Basic Attack
0.png Block A blocking stance that allows you to significantly reduce the amount of damage taken.
1.png Counter Attack A defensive stance that has a chance to reduce damage taken and also inflict damage on your opponent.
2.png Critical Hit A deadly placed attack that increases additional damage.
3.png Defend A defensive stance that can reduce the amount of damage taken.
4.png Deflect A stance which has a chance of deflecting damage back at the attacker.
5.png Dodge A mobile stance that has a chance of dodging thus taking no damage.
6.png Lunge Lunge is a great attack which can be used to inflict extra damage on an opponent whose counter move is anything but a defensive stance.
7.png Power Attack Power Attack can be used to help smash through defensive opponents. However, this can also leave you vunerable to Lunge and Sweeping Attacks (and also various other maneuvers).
8.png Spin Attack Greatly increases your chance to hit vs. anything other than Basic Attack.
9.png Piercing Strike
10.png Crush
11.png Weaken Instead of causing damage to your opponent, Weaken has a 50% chance to reduce your opponents defense by 25%.

How it Works

To keep the playing field level, the level the tournament is at (Listed as 'Max Equip Level') determines the maximum item level allowed to be used. Any items over this level will be ignored, level up points, relics, buffs and guild structures are also ignored in the arena.

Start by selecting your 10 Combat Moves (note, you will need to win some tournaments to gain additional combat moves) If you enter a level 100 tournament you will have to pick your best set of items for level 100. Once you enter the tournament a snapshot of your equipment will be taken and your list of "combat moves". Hence you will not be able to change your arena stats or moves after it has been entered.

Once the tournament is full, combat will then start and each move the player has picked will occur at the same time as your opponents, making combat in the tournaments more tactical than regular PvE or PvP.

The combat will run through your 10 attacks, if combat is not resolved after 10 attacks combat will continue for up to an additional 10. If it is still not resolved, the judges will decide on a number of factors.

Tournaments will be automated and a new round will start every 2 minutes.


Q: Does the PvP Arena affect my PvP Rating if I win/lose?
A: The arena is completely separate and has no affect on your PvP Rating.

Q: Is there a limit to how many of each combat move I can use?
A: You can only obtain a maximum of 3 of each combat move.

Q: Do my base stats, skills and enhancements get counted in the arena?
A: No, only your item stats (eg. attack, defense, HP, armor and damage) and any set bonuses of those stats are included.

Q: Isn't it unfair that high level players can join low level tournaments?
A: Due to the way the equip level works for tournaments, even if a high level joins, they will only have access to the same setups as a player at the max equip level, making it completely fair. (Remember the base stats, e.g. level up points, don't count!)

Q: What "factors" do judges use to determine a winner? PvP Arena Win count? Previous rounds attack count? HP?
A: Damage Done,


PvP Arena was officially launched 9:07 19 Jun 2008.