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PvP Rating is a "measure" of how good a player is at PvP.

When the PvP Ladder is reset, every player starts off with a PvP Rating of 1000. You can improve your PvP Rating by being victorious over other players in combat. You can initiate attacks on the Attack Player page or alternatively you can attempt bounties. Note if you attack a player outwith a bounty, a 25% increase is applied to the final PvP Rating transfer. Note that only attacking players within your current PvP Band will affect your PvP Rating.

The top three players with the highest PvP Rating in each band at the time when the PvP Ladder resets receive PvP Ladder Tokens which can be used to purchase special items.

The maximum PvP Rating transfer limit (from winner to loser of combat) is 50.

Some quests in FallenSword require the character to have reached a certain PvP rating before the quest can even be taken:

Name Level PvP
Anvil Reign 15 1000
Siege on Paladir 24 1200
Remnants of Corruption 40 1350