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Character upgrades can be bought using FSPs and will improve your character. Most upgrades are the kind that will continue to bring benefit to the player forever while a few only give a temporary improvement. To buy upgrades, visit your player's "Use Points" page.

Available Upgrades

Upgrade Cost Limit
+25 Current Stamina 1 points_button.gif n/a
+10 Maximum Stamina 2 points_button.gif n/a
+1% Experience towards next level 2 points_button.gif n/a
+50,000 Gold 1 points_button.gif n/a
+25 XP Gain (per hour) [1] 15 points_button.gif 50
+10 Gold Gain (per hour) 5 points_button.gif 50
+1 Stamina Gain (per hour) 25 points_button.gif 25
+1 Bank Deposits per Day 50 points_button.gif 10
+1 Inventory (Backpack) Slot 15 points_button.gif 1000
+1 Max Allies 5 points_button.gif 115
+1 Max Enemies 5 points_button.gif 115
+1 Max Auctions 20 points_button.gif 100
Protect XP [2] 25 points_button.gif n/a
+1 Combat Move Sets 5 points_button.gif 18
Reset All Skill Points [4] 100 points_button.gif n/a
+1 Max Secure Trades 5 points_button.gif 25
Refill All Bank Deposits 20 points_button.gif n/a
+100 Bounty Tickets 1 points_button.gif n/a
Player Reset [5] 150 points_button.gif n/a
+1 Marketplace Listing 10 points_button.gif 5
+1 Combat Sets 5 points_button.gif 49
+25 Bio Characters 1 points_button.gif 100
+1 Component Inventory Size 5 points_button.gif 490
Reset Single Skill [3] 15 points_button.gif n/a
+24 Hours PvP Protection [6] 10 points_button.gif n/a
+7 Days PvP Protection [6] 60 points_button.gif n/a
+28 Days PvP Protection [6] 200 points_button.gif n/a


  1. Note that your 'xp gain' is allocated, plus a bonus of your xp gain times a multiplier equal to your level minus 50 divided by '25' (rounding down).
    Note the actual value is always reflected in the quick display at the top bar xp mouseover. Note also at lower levels this value is scaled down up to a reduction factor of 10 to stop it potentially being too overpowering. Below level 25, no additional bonus is applied.
  2. Each time you use this, your XP will never drop below the current amount it was at when the upgrade is purchase. Note this does not have any effect when killed via a bounty.
  3. One upgrade unassigns all your Skill Points from the selected skill. Please note if the skill you are trying to reset is a prerequisite for another skill you have points in, you will be unable to reset the skill.
  4. One upgrade unassigns all your skill points allowing you to make new choices for all your skills.
  5. Using this option will reset all your level up point allocations, allowing you to restructure your character. Note however each time this 'upgrade' is used the FSP cost will increase if you wish to use it again - this is to prevent abuse of this upgrade.
    Also note that currently this is the only way to reset allocated level up points.
  6. This upgrade protects your character from standard PvP attacks. Note that you can still be attacked if you are bountied or part of a Guild Conflict. Note that if you initiate an attack against any player, you will lose any remaining PvP Protection.
    If you use PvP Protection, you will be excluded from the PvP Ladder until it next resets. Note also you will not be allocated a PvP Band if you have PvP Protection activated when the PvP Ladder resets.