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Search the bounty board for bounties placed by other players and take one on to try and gain the reward. Bounties can only be placed on players which attack you (this includes attacks by bounty hunters). A bounty musted be posted within 48 hours of the attack.

You can take on a bounty against any level of target player. Note when take on a bounty, the usual 1 hour between attacks is reduced to 2 minutes and xp loss is doubled (and applicable regardless of level difference). Note that a maximum of 5 levels can be lost due (based on the targets level when the bounty was placed) to a bounty, however this applies to the lowest level of all active bounties placed on that player.

Bounty Tickets

To accept a bounty, you need to pay the Bounty Hunters Guild bounty ticket(s). If the target is of a lower level than you, accepting costs 1 Bounty Ticket. You can accept a bounty on any level player, however the cost in Bounty Tickets increases by 1 for each 5 levels higher the level difference is between you and the target.

You can buy additional tickets to accept bounties on the Use Points screen within the Upgrades menu.

Posting a bounty costs 10 bounty tickets.

Taking on a Bounty

To take on a bounty, simply click on the Accept button next to the bounty you intend to do. Provided you have enough tickets, you are registered for the bounty and every kill on the target player will now count as a bounty kill. You will have to kill the target the number of times that the Offerer selected when he or she created the bounty. The first player who completes the required amount of kills will win the reward, which was also selected (and payed) by the Offerer.

When you attack, you have the option to choose how much stamina to use for each attack. The more stamina you spend, the more damage you will do to your target. It will also affect how much gold you are able to steal from him or her. This is the same as for normal PvP attacks.